expressionist artist Tanja Koelemij


I'm inspired by post impressionism and captivated by divisionism. And I hope you'll enjoy my enthusiasm for flowers, food and landscape as much as I do! 

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Nicole .
15-09-21 13:14:27
Hello Tanja! What I received this morning? Your picture! A man in a car 🚙 colis express! It's so nice,beautiful ! I love it, thank you very much.
A new time thanks, you are too nice.
L. Vighi
24-08-21 11:21:09
Grazie! È davvero una bella opera piena di fascino fuori del tempo! Anche le pennellate ricche di materia contribuiscono alla resa efficace dell'atmosfera... A presto!
Carole Cornillet
25-06-21 10:39:18
Palette subtile. Travail poétique et onirique. Pour un regard apaisant.
Linda De Nieuwe
05-06-21 16:20:42
Zooooo blij met mijn schilderij!!! Maakt de woonkamer “af” . Prachtig geschilderd,de mooie vrouw!
Heather Furnell
07-04-21 17:12:18
Such beautiful artworks! I love seeing the brush strokes and the textures in the paint. I will never get tired of seeing the lovely print on my wall.
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