expressionist artist Tanja Koelemij


I'm inspired by post impressionism and captivated by divisionism. And I hope you'll enjoy my enthusiasm for flowers, food and landscape as much as I do! 

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Dennis Keur
13-03-21 09:20:10
Jaren geleden een schilderij gekocht van de bavokerk Haarlem. Hangt na jaren nog steeds aan de muur. Prachtig schilderij en erg mooi geschilderd.
Fenneken Van Kesteren
12-03-21 20:47:00
I was looking for a lobster painting for in our kitchen. She offered to paint this for us in our desired size based on a painting of her I really liked. She delivered such a great piece, that we even got a more beautifull painting than we were hoping for. She really puts in so much in it. She is such a great artist that we bought another painting of her. We are really happy with her paintings!
Alida van Leeuwen
09-03-21 16:51:04
I love the dreamy way Tanja paints. The cheerful use of color, which makes an ordinary situation suddenly seem like a fairytale
roberta toffanello
07-03-21 18:07:51
Your paintings are an explosion of colors and materic texture, I love your ability to create paintings that remind classic artists but look forward to contemporary days.I appreciate your kindness,you are always present to deal with us.Thank you very much.
Litov Laurence
05-03-21 15:07:56
J'aime beaucoup le style, les couleurs et les sujets des tableaux de Tanja. Je l'ai connue sur Instagram et après un petit échange sympathique, j'ai acheté une de ses peintures, représentant 2 moineaux. Ils sont dans mon séjour, Je les regarde souvent et je les aime beaucoup. Merci Tanja 🙏🌹
Jolanda van der Meer
05-03-21 13:55:34
Thank you Tanja for your beautiful paintings. It brings instantly so much ambiance in my room. You have such a great eye for detail and colors. I simply love love love it!
Margriet Prins
05-03-21 11:36:03
Het kleurige werk van Tanja is snel geschilderd waardoor er een enorme dynamiek en energie in zit.
June Visser
04-03-21 13:07:57
Super tevreden met mijn aankoop! Iedere dag kijk ik met veel plezier naar mijn favoriete dieren. Heerlijk los geschilderd maar toch zie je precies wat het is!
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